Way of the Cross in Marathi in Rural belt
Uttan - Daryamata Parish and UttanPali- Lurdamata Parish


On Feb 24, the first Friday of Lent, in Uttan Pali and from March 5 -8, 2012 every evening we visted various zones of the Uttan Daryamata parish leading the people of the Marathi-speaking belt to pray the Way of the Cross.



It was done using the non-traditional ways. Using the Marathi dubbed film YESHU, we brought more than one to tears as they watched the passion and death of Jesus while also praying the Way of the Cross.

We Srs Stella, Virginia and Joeyanna are grateful to the priests of both Uttan parishes for their constant support in this endeavour. Also to the people who were not ungrateful as they presented us with their words of appreciation and heartfelt gratitude.