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A Handbook for School Assemblies
Prayers and Inspirational Thoughts
Miriam N FSP

A Handbook for School Assemblies Prayers and Inspirational Thoughts is a collection of prayers and inspirational thoughts for everyday life. It will help one to be in touch with the Almighty and keep one motivated through the day. These prayers and thoughts are based on moral values that everyone needs to imbibe. They will help one brush aside the cobwebs of negativity and put on a pistive outlook towards life and everything else.

Although the title suggests that the book is meant for school assemblies, the prayers and reflections herein could be used by parents before sending their children to school, teachers in classrooms, and even for personal prayer and reflection.

These prayers and thoughts will be a guiding light for all who avail of this book and be sure to help to meet life's challenges and find life's meaning and purpose.

Miriam N Fsp is a member of the religious Congregation of the Daughters of St Paul. She has authored other books as well catering to school children of different ages and also served in the Page Layout and Text Design Department of Pauline Publications for some years. At present she manages the Pauline Book and Media Centre at Ahmedabad.