Daughters of St Paul
Bring the Good News
to All Peoples

Present today in more than 52 nations throughout the world in all 5 continents, from Australia in the East to the US and Canada in the West, the Daughters of St Paul dedicate their time and energies, in fact their very lives to the proclamation of the Gospel, using the mass media.

Sensitive to the needs of our time, we use the most effective means which technology provides: the press, radio, television, audio and video cassettes, multimedia products, the Internet etc. to bring the Word of God and teachings of the Church to the masses.

Like Paul we bring God’s message directly to people by their outreach mission through Book and Media centres, Catholic Enquiry Centre, Lending libraries, (DCCL) Reading Rooms, Book and Media Exhibitions, Bible Weeks and Book Fairs, Prison and family visits.

Seeking inspiration and strength from the strong call he felt on the night which divided the two centuries, December 31st, 1900, he believed that God was calling him to a specific mission. It was in 1914, a few years after his ordination, that Fr Alberione started out with a handful of boys to begin an outstanding mission: the apostolate of the mass media. The tiny seed first planted in Piedmont, North Italy, sprang into a magnificent tree: the Society of St Paul.

In 1915, 90 years ago, he sought someone to aid him in founding the Daughters of St Paul. Teresa Merlo, a young lady, noted for her piety, intelligence and ability, though of poor health, seemed the appropriate woman, the one written in the plan of God, to be the first Daughter of St Paul. She said her ‘yes’ without reserve. Her secret was her great faith in God, complete obedience to Fr Alberione and total commitment to her mission in the Church.

Blessed James Alberione’s vision of the needs of the Church, led him to found five religious Congregations, four secular institutes and an association of Pauline cooperators. All these together form the Pauline Family.

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